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Remember those favorite songs of yours from back when you were a kid? Isn't it amazing that when you hear these songs again now, sometimes years after hearing them, that you still remember the lyrics, the rhythm, the guitar or piano solo. These songs take you back to that time and you can be overcome with emotions from your past. Do you ever imagine singing or playing that song in front of a crowd of people, cheering your every move? Or maybe just around the campfire with a few friends? There is just something about music that binds each and every human being on the planet.

The vision of Muzic Fuze is to tap into this common bond that we all share. To create an environment where beginner, intermediate, and professional musicians alike can share their life experiences, be comfortable expressing themselves, and find inspiration doing what they love to do…playing and making music. All are welcome, without fear of judgment. In fact, everyone is encouraged, and maybe even sometimes required (for fun) to pick up an instrument and play a note, even if you have no idea what sound is about to come out.

And this holds especially true for children. There are too many places that are not kid friendly. There are too many places with signs that say "DO NOT TOUCH". If a person, especially a child, cannot try, is not allowed to touch, then how will they ever know if they are interested in learning to play an instrument? How will they ever know if deep down within their soul there is a musical talent or hidden inspiration just waiting to explode out of them?

So come in to Muzic Fuze, see what we are all about, and prepare to be inspired.

Learn to Rock with the best professional musicians in Northern Nevada!

Rock with Muzic Fuze

At Muzic Fuze we believe that the only way to discover your musical passion is to PLAY!

Prepare to be inspired!

Give us a call or come in today to learn more about:

• Private music lessons from professional instructors
Guitar; Piano; Voice; Drums; Violin
• Play in a rock band! -

• New and used instrument and accessory sales
• Instrument consignment
• Guitar repair (all fretted instruments)
• Violin Repair
• Piano Tuning

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